CloudCone 即将上线快照、块存储、负载均衡以及自动缩放等功能

CloudCone 目前正在测试一些新功能,而且已经完成了后台开发,目前正在抓紧开发前端中。一旦开发完成,就能上线了。预计将在未来 2 个月内陆续上线。下面是这些新功能的简单介绍,主要包括快照、块存储、负载均衡等功能,一起来看一下。



状态:生产就绪,等待 UI 实施


可移动块存储,让您可以轻松地将存储连接到现有VM并将其分离,并在 VM 之间移动它们。

状态:生产就绪,等待 UI 实施



状态:生产就绪,等待 UI 实施


在 2018 年初,我们推出了Cloud View,可让您分析和查看虚拟机中的深入统计数据。这最初是为了分析您的云工作负载,并为您设置自动缩放条件,例如

如果 RAM 使用率 > 60% 将 1 GB RAM 添加到 5GB(最大)



在此次更新中,我们将为所有客户制定自动隔离策略,并确保您在 CloudCone 上托管的网站和网站速度更快。这包括为您的服务器提供更好的 CPU,DISK 和网络隔离。




Hello 👋

2018 has been great, and you have too! Here’s news from CloudCone to you!

Thank you ❤️for hosting with CloudCone, this update will give you a heads up on what we’ve been cooking this year, which I’m sure all of you were waiting for!


The biggest request on our feature requests area topping the most significant number of thumbs up is instant snapshots of your VMs, and I’m happy to inform you that we have a production-ready Snapshot system, to be launched.

Status: Production Ready, awaiting UI implementation

Block Storage

Movable block storage, let’s you easily attach and detach storage to your existing VMs and move them between VMs

Status: Production Ready, awaiting UI implementation

Load balancers

A load balancer is an appliance that can adapt to a growing workload. If you run high availability application clusters, this appliance will come in handy 😉It lets you add/remove child virtual instances which enables you to balance the load for your application and provide effective delivery of your application to your end users

Status: Production Ready, awaiting UI implementation


In early 2018 we launched Cloud View, which lets you analyze and view in-depth stats within your virtual machine. This was initially started to analyze your cloud workloads, and give you set autoscaling conditions such as

if RAM Usage > 60% Add 1 GB of RAM upto 5GB (Max)

We’ve finally had autoscaling in a production ready state, which will be rolled out soon for all of you at no extra fees 🙌

Guaranteed Virtual Machine Isolation and Disk Improvements

On this update, we will have automated isolation strategies in place for all our Customers and make sure your websites and sites hosted on CloudCone will be much faster. This includes, better CPU, DISK and Network isolation for your servers

That’s all I’m about to spoil 😁we have three more exciting features which will be a secret, and our team is much excited to introduce them to you once we have it on our client area!

In the course of the next two months, we will be carrying out periodic maintenance to our existing infrastructure to allow all these features enabled for all your existing Cloud Instances, we will announce them on our status page found here

Until then, we thank you once again for choosing CloudCone and don’t miss out on the special offers as all the features above, will be applied to our promotional servers as well. 🔥

Thank you and Cheers 🍻

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